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After my recent appearance on Conan O'Brien as Anonymous' Insurance Agent and the Web Series "Hidden America with Jonah Rey", I realized I hadn't updated my site!

I have a few scenes with Rance Howard in "Broken Memories".  It's a moving father and son story about a family dealing with Alzheimers and a healer that changes everything. 

"I am Gangsta" is making the rounds at film festival both domestically as well as in Europe. 

I play the chief of police in the screwball comedy "Gentlemen's Fury" which is in Post Production at the moment.  More to come on that...

I was in a great absurdist french/english film last year.  "Reality" stars Alain Chabat and is directed by Quentin Dupieux.  It was just released on DVD and BlueRay and is available from Amazon.  It was a big hit at AFI when it opened the festival.

I recently had a small part on the upcoming NBC show "Marry Me".  It's going to be a big show.  Very funny and the cast was more than gracious especially Ken Marino.  

I got to reconnect with my old friend Charlie Day while shooting a day on his show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"   during the summer.   I also had the opportunity to work on the independentfilm "Broken Memories" with Rance Howard  who is Ron Howard's dad....yes, you read that correctly... Ron Howard's dad is still alive and acting!  He was great in Nebraska last year and he was fantastic in this movie as well.


"Parenthood"  was onThursday Jan. 23, 2014.  I have a great scene with Craig T. Nelson.

I also played Officer Dawson in an independent movie titled  "Assassination of a Citizen" directed by Moritz Rechenberg.

Also, I was recently on the Pilot Episode of "The Bridge" and an "Anger Management". episode "Charlie and Kate start a sex survey"

And Dark Knight Rises was on cable all summer.